Sunday, 7 November 2010

Liese Hair Colour

Finally, I found this at miri Parkson Guardian.. A lot of people nowadays seems to like this hair dye called 'Liese'. I saw some of my friends were using these brand too. They all seems to like it so much and the results turns up to be quite nice as well =D

So i decided to buy one from Miri since I'm going there. I got one for myself yesterday which is 'Ash Brown' colour. My hair colour used to be so damn faded and dry!! Cos of the bleach =( and it looks so unbalance and f*cking ugly!

I just had my hair dyed few minutes ago. It turns out to be quite satisfied for me =) at least my hair colour seems balance now and it's darker. Hope it can last longer this time..

It's really very recommended to everyone who are interested to dye their hair and for those who are lazy to go saloon and this can really save your time and money!! TRY IT..U WILL NEVER REGRET!! =D

Thursday, 23 September 2010


I went to KB last saturday and my aunt asked me to try this sweet. It's a souvenir from her friend who bought it from Austraria. It seems so tempting so i tried one and IT'S SO DELICIOUS!!! Although it's kinda sweet la..but really nice lor...It's very soft and chewy. Taste a bit like the old brand 'rabbit sweet' that we used to eat during our childhood time. I don't know exactly what's the filing. But there's nut which i like it so much~~

It's mooncake festival yesterday. I didn't managed to spent my dinner with my families and kena bomb by my mom because I told her that i wanna go for aerobic and will be back late for dinner...So by the time i reached home after aerobic, it's already almost 9pm after shower.. No doubt but to have my dinner alone..Sorry mom~~

This afternoon my colleague asked me to try mooncake that she bought. When she passed to me, I was looking at it and it looks sooooo CUTE...Soooo tiny u knw!! This is the smallest mooncake i ever seen. hahaha

As u can see from the picture above. It's called 'Chess Mooncake'. All the mooncake are made totally like the shape of the chinese chess. At first I thought this kinda mooncake only 'Nice to see, Not nice to eat'. But it taste Nice....

This is the chess mooncake i ate. "炮"

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Finally had a tattoo done.

Went to KK on the 13th Aug for a short trip. My main purpose is just to relax myself and get myself a tattoo.

I decided to have the tattoo on my lower back. But it seems quite small and i have to extend it again :( Probably will only extend by next year. I'm thinking to get one on my ankle. Still searching for the nice design.

Process of getting my lower back tattoo:-

Friday, 9 July 2010

Tea-Time in Folec

Just now went to HSBC and UOB bank with Jenny (Folec's Colleague). While we are in UOB, we decided to tapao something to bring back office for tea time later. Haha

So we bought Kebab (chicken and beef). Heeyen and I requested for non mayonnaise. I like the Kebab soooo much..Hehehe it's only $2.00 each. =) This consider my dinner already. After work gonna go aerobic again at 5.30 till 6.30pm. My arms and body muscles are so numb. I couldn't even carry heavy things. But I'm never gonna give up!! Jiayou Jiayou..I believe i can reach my target soon..=) Although it might sounds a bit unbelievable if i say that i can feel my pant got a bit loose already. But it's true!! This is the magic of aerobic. Lolx..

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


I picked up Siawtan at 7pm and we decided to go Pine Restaurant for dinner. She told me that she wanted she treat me for my advance birthday celebration =.='' really very the advance birthday still one more month to go..hahaha

I know she always very busy and couldn't spent time with me during my birthday so she decided to just celebrate anytime we want. :p

So when we reach Pine. It's so damn quiet and i only saw a couple there having dinner. Soooo keliannn...wonder why the business so bad..The food is quite nice though. I'd been there once with Steph and we really enjoy the food.

Below are the food that we ordered:

Siawtan recommend this to me...I like it soooooo much...But then the rice damn kiasu lorrr..sooo much rice =.=''

Hungry ahhhh...

Tada~~ After stir the rice with all the sauce provided.. Yummy~!!!

This is what Siawtan ordered for herself. She complained that it's too salty and spicy. Its really damn salty lorr ...

"Brunei Roll"... I like to eat this soooo much.. But then this time so disappointed. Cos i don't know why taste so different and so hard. Failed!!

"Kimchi Pancake"... Siawtan loves this soo much..hahaha It's nice just that i found it kinda oily...

So after makan, we went to The Mall kaikai..I went there to pay my e-speed. After that we went to shop for heels. I think it's been quite sometimes that i didn't go to mall i guess. I didn't even noticed that there's a Fabiano Ricco already. When i walked pass the shop i already spot a lot of nice heels. Damn nice!!!!

I tried a lot of heels and i really like it so much..hahaha jialat ahhhh...I had bought one and wait next month then get another one. Tahan tahan~~:p

Friday, 2 July 2010

At last~~

YAY~~!! tomorrow going to dye and cut my hair again....yeappi..I will be going to the saloon with Siaw Tan early in the morning around 8am. Semangat lehhh...Cos i have to go back to Teck Guan office to pass them the monthly tarik gaji. Shun bian go there visit them. Hehe

Siaw Tan told me that she wanna go and straighten her hair and do manicure/pedicure. So she gonna spend longer hours than me in the saloon tomorrow :p

I'm actually still not sure if i wanna cut my hair but confirm have to dye my hair already. Damn it..really looks terrible!! I must dye to a darker colour this time ahhh...

Besides this, i'm planning to join aerobic class starting next week. But then still not sure which place to go yet. Hmm...I think i will try to survey around next monday and see which is nicer than i will start to go every monday, wednesday and friday. So that on tuesday and thursday i can join badminton at st.andrew with my ex-colleagues. Jiayou Jiayou~~ =D

Thursday, 1 July 2010